Studio Design Commercial/Private

Ideally, Studio Design Group gets involved at the project's inception, consulting on the location, size of the potential rooms, and evaluating the space for optimal acoustics and isolation.  From there, SDG can take the project from idea to completion, including all the following services:

  • Conception and schematic designs
  • Architectural drawings and acoustic design
  • Supervising construction
  • Supervising equipment selection and implementation
  • Supervising wiring design, installation, room tuning and calibration

SDG has extensive experience with not only recording and mixing facilities, but also with studios designed for orchestral tracking, film scoring and cast recording, and mixing for picture immersive surround, as well as production/writing rooms and high-end playback environments.

We have designed and built world-class, award-winning studios for Sony Music, CBS London, The Hit Factory, New York University, ABKCO Records, Germano Studios and Red Bull North America, to name a few.

See “Consultancy” for how SDG can help with your equipment, personnel and operations.